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"Do or do not. There is no try."
~ Yoda

May the Force be with you.
~ Yoda



Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us.

Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes.
~ Yoda



"Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it."
~ Hebrews 13:2

"A good intention clothes itself with power."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

"No amount of security is worth the suffering of a life lived chained to a routine that has killed your dreams." ~ Kent Nerburn







Lisa's Writings and Wonderings from 2007 and 2008

December 7, 2008

Recently a dear friend was lovingly teasing me about being a "know-it-all." I smiled and replied that I don't know anything for certain. He said he'd never met anyone who knew so much and always has an answer. With a grin, my response was, "Of course I always have an answer! It may not be the right one but I figure if I say it with enough authority it'll work. We're all just making it up anyway." Therein proving his point.

My curiosity is alive and well. I question everyone and everything...mostly myself...all the time. I've recently come into an awareness that I now know with great and absolute certainty that the more I learn, the less I know. There are some things I know beyond a shadow of a doubt...and they all might change by tonight. And I find an excitement and comfort in that because I've let go of the need to control. Notice I didn't "try" to let go. I just let go.

I believe most people try to use their "knowledge" to control things whether it is their own life, body, career, spouse, children, friends, etc. If you know what buttons to push you have greater control…right? Yet the more you try to control someone/something usually the more resistance you get leading to a struggle or conflict. No fun.

Makes me think of "Power vs. Force" by David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. I highly recommend this book. If you can see him speak live or see a video of any of his presentations he is a real pleasure and a very funny brilliant man. There is a difference between "Power" and "Force" just as there is a difference between "Destiny" and "Fate" as well as "Knowledge" and "Wisdom."

Such is the paradox of being a finite "Human" and an "Eternal Being." We constantly walk between these worlds of the seen and unseen whether we are aware of it or not. Having a sense of knowingness that no matter what happens or what you think is happening, everything is well and good brings a peace. With that peace comes a trust or knowingness that you ultimately are in control...and not all at the same time. That you do in fact absolutely know something is true in this moment...and when the next moment happens it could all change.

That is the irony of a paradox. If you can see the beauty and humor in that simple complexity...and be at peace with it...then you are way ahead of the game. You too can be a happy know-it-all who knows nothing. What a great paradox. (Plus it drives the control freaks crazy!)

All my love to you all ~ L

November 30, 2008

What if this physical life is really a "dream" and the dreams we dream at night are actually "reality"? Why is it so important that we sleep at night? It is a fact that we will die if we do not sleep. We can go longer without food than we can go without sleep. Perhaps that is because we need to return to "realty" and check in.

There are many civilizations - throughout time, throughout the world - that have theories about what is realty and what is a dream.

"One of the things that ancient and indigenous people have always understood about dreaming is that we have a radar system on us that's better than anything the Pentagon and NASA can come up with. It shows us the possible future, it puts us in touch with other dimensions of 'the real' and with sources of guidance in those dimensions. And that radar system is called dreaming and it's available to us any night." --Robert Moss

I do know through my Shamanic journey experiences, hypnosis and other modalities of altering time/space/reality that I've had experiences that have been verified by measurable results and other people and variables.

For example, Grandfather Martin has been in my dreams all my life and I've written about some of the most vivid dreams with him in them. I rarely share my dreams but I will share this one experience. I have left some details out but left enough in so that you get the gist.

In my Dream Time, I was looking at my kitchen table with a map of the Four Corners Region. I went into the map and crossed over into the Middle World. I was not in a body, just Spirit and was in a tree resting in the branches. I looked up and an old man was watching me. He was sitting on a couch by the window in his living room. I recognized him but didn't know from where. I thought, "That's strange. He's watching me but I'm invisible."

Then I moved from the tree to the ground. As I went from the tree to the ground I took the shape of my body. I walked up to a small stone house. A woman opened the door saying he was expecting me. As I walked in I noticed the walls were covered in photos and Sacred Items – bundles of multi-colored corn (blue, red, yellow, white), Kachinas, feathers, rattles, bundles, dream catchers – so many all items all over the walls and on the tables, very cluttered. He stood up from the couch and invited me to sit across from him in one of the two brown metal folding chairs as he sat in the other. There was a small low table between us – almost like a TV tray. (I cannot reveal our conversation.) He pointed to a deck of cards on the table in front of us. He smiled and told me to pick a card, any card. As I picked them up and shuffled through them they were all of the same images/symbols but each one was a little different. I knew that the message was the same, it did not matter which card I picked. I finally understood the message. I told him they all meant the same thing. He asked what I thought the message was. I told him and he was very pleased that I understood. We laughed and talked for a while. Then he said it was time to go. I didn't want to leave and was very sad but he said, "Don't be sad, I'll see you soon." Then the woman walked me to the door. I glanced back to the window once more and saw him sitting there on his couch. Then I went up into the tree and then back into this world.

Almost one year to the day of this dream I met him in person for the first time. The house was the same. When I walked in the door he asked, "Do you remember me?" and I said, "Yes. Do you remember me?" He laughed, shook his finger at me and said, "Yes. Come in." Then we talked and as I showed him my sketches of the dream and the message in the cards he confirmed I was there with him in the Dream Time and he has indeed been in my dreams my entire life and we are connected across time.

Below are photos I took in his living room while on one of my visits - with his permission of course. It shows the two brown metal folding chairs exactly as in the dream, the little stool (that was a low table in the dream) and the couch by the front window and the items on the walls. Usually in the Middle World/Dream Time things will be altered significantly. The only things that were altered were the small table is really a foot stool and there is no tree right in front of his house...but there is one close to his house.

So…what really happened? How could I have dreamed and written in detail about this man and his house if I'd never been there or met him? Lots-o-questions. I've left many details out as they are private between Grandfather Martin and myself. But the point I hope I've made is that some things are true whether you are aware of them or not, understand them or not or believe in them or you don't.
Be open and stay curious.

Which is "reality" and which is the "dream"... or are they both real?
Just wondering…


November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I know it has been a while since my last post. I've been a very busy girl. Seems like everyone is getting busier and time is speeding up for a lot of you. Know that you are not alone because I get tons of emails on this topic.

I am back in Nashville and single again. Lots of changes for the better in 2008. Very happy to be back in this sacred city on sacred ground. More on that in future posts. I am going to start working with clients again soon. I've never stopped helping folks because I do not turn down anyone who truly needs my assistance. In 2009 I see more work with larger groups so that should be interesting. Also high on the agenda for 2009 is the TDM eRevolution Center that will be in this area. I'm currently writing a script for a feature film project that I hope could turn into a TV series (like Stargate did). So that is consuming a lot of my focus. I'll be working and consulting with the The Dream Masters and using their Art as well as other "talents" in this big project so you can bet it will be a powerful and positive project.

Anyway, I just wanted to touch base since it has been so long. I appreciate all the love and support you've all given me this year. It was a toughie and I'm glad to be where I am now. I am very excited about 2009. I hope you are as well. More soon ~ L

July 20, 2008

If "that which is like unto itself is drawn" is true - you know "like attracts like"...and if "opposites attract"......well......what else is left?!

I mean, doesn't that pretty much cover it?

Just wondering....

(I won't even go into how it is/we are all the same anyway - just variations on a theme if you will - because that's a whole 'nuther blog coming. )

April 22, 2008

Hi Everyone

Margarete Brandenburg sent this to me and it REALLY hit me between the eyes. The really funny thing is, as soon as I started to read it, I got through the first paragraph and then my "mind" immediately distracted me into getting away from the computer and I went a got a cup of coffee. Guess my mind knew it was about to be busted big time!

Please take a couple of moments and read it through.

Then re-read it.

It just goes to show that sometimes your revelations can also be revelations to others. By sharing them you help in ways that you may never know or hear about. I want to make sure that Margarete knows I appreciate her forwarding it to me and that the author, Maureen Moss, knows I appreciate her taking the time to write it down and that she has made a difference.

Please don't let your mind tell you that what you have to say isn't important or worth writing and sharing. Mine has been working overtime on me to silence my voice and disempower me. So I've been writing in journals and make notes here and there but keep most of it to myself and do not write as I was meant to. That is stopping as of today - right here, right now...or maybe I should say write here, write now!

Something that occurred to me as I read this was, "If a friend or a stranger said [that] to me, what would I do or how would I feel?" or "Would I say [that] to someone?" Is [what your brain is saying to you (even as you read this right now)] a Truth or a lie? Then you decide what you are going to do. Then take action. Action is the quickest way to obliterate fear. It is your life to live. Ask yourself, "Hey, who's driving the bus?! Me or someone/something else?"

When you dissociate from what's being said/thought in your mind, in that instant you take your power back, become conscious and put it in a whole new light and perspective which can help you see it for what it really is. Then you can consciously move forward in an empowered way in whatever direction you choose with a new knowing, power and peace.

Thank you all for your continued support of TDM and for spreading the word and letting people know about our website. TDM is growing rapidly and it is thanks to all of you. Please feel free to forward this along with the appropriate credits and websites.

May all your dreams come true ~ Lisa Rhyne

Happy April Everyone,

I pray you are well as we continue our climb to magnificence, albeit up a steep, steep incline. This month has been one of golden moments of self-discovery after about or two (or five) with uncomfortability. The bouts with uncomfortability appear to be aimed at our core habitual patterns dealing with our 3rd dimensional personality and perceived identity. I remind you that the Universe doesn't always deal from the top of the deck to accelerate our spiritual growth.

These uncomfortable experiences are welling up right on time, sometimes to throw you a curve ball to interrupt the habitual belief systems as to what's next for you or to explode core issues so you can be expanded and made ready to emerge open and unattached to anything. I sense there will be lots of surprises in this next two years and new avenues that many of us will be traveling on that we didn't even begin to expect or plan for. Keep in heart that out of chaos comes order.

Be gentle with yourself and remember you are a precious courageous human being of Light turning into a magnificent Divine being of Light and it takes a lot of cellular rearranging, and biological and even relationship warfare before that metamorphosis can be actualized. Due to the task at hand, (planetary and personal transformation) it is vital that we detach from anything and everything that would tether us further to the state of illusion. We are changing seasons, reasons and lifetimes of living beneath ourselves and of being trapped within ourselves, so undoubtedly we will be confronted by uncomfortability to blow up the illusion in our lives.

Here's a discovery I made while in the midst of a client's uncomfortability. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me.

While in the midst of a session with a wonderful new client I quickly discovered that she lived her life led by her mind. (Not a foreign concept to me.) I began to challenge the things that she said as a matter of fact. I did so because she would fire off answers to me as if they were already programmed and pat responses. Each time she did I would guide her down into her heart and ask the same questions and get a completely different answer. This went on for about 15 minutes. During that time she referred to her mind often, particularly in the making excuses for it. She acknowledged that she rarely consciously paid attention to what her mind was saying to her and how uncomfortable she felt most of the time. She acknowledged that she never questioned whether her mind was telling her a truth or a lie, or whether it was supporting her or hurting her.

I heard myself say, "your mind is getting away with murder." There was dead silence. In that silence both of us had an awareness of the truth of that statement. Our minds get away with murder . The moment it seeks an uncomfortable pause in our lives, like a race-car it comes full speed ahead to crash into clarity. "Oh my God" she said, "that is so true, I never thought about it like that before." (In truth, neither had I.) We continued to follow that thread of wisdom and uncovered a plethora of ways that the mind gets away with murder.

It kills our joy. It makes bold and boisterous statements that have nothing to do with the truth and each time we accept it, without question, and run with it, it clearly gets away with murder. It kills our passion as it burdens us with "what ifs" (always leaning to the side of failure) about whatever we are passionate about creating and manifesting. It kills the present moment with predictions of our future often paralyzing us from moving in faith and it kills our self worth as it gives us its interpretation of where we have failed. It kills our peace. The saddest part of all of that i s that we give it permission to get away with murder by not interrupting it or questioning its validity.

Now, in this moment we have got to put an end to this violence and violation perpetrated upon our lives by our minds. A good argument on behalf of that awareness is that every time we have a murderous thought we immediately alter the positive and healthy electrical flow of energy throughout our entire physical system. Additionally we alter the chemical balance of the body and depress ourselves. It was written in "The Way of Mastery," that "depression can only occur in a mind that had been denying its pathway to joy."

Here are some actions that will help when you are in a state of uncomfortability and your mind goes in for the kill:

1. Slow down and pay attention to every single sentence your mind feeds you. If you feel any constriction anywhere in your body, stop, take three deep breaths, put your hand over your heart and ask yourself "is that the truth that I just heard?" Stay still long enough, and your heart will tell you your answer.

2. Become aware of what you do once you have a thought. Do you make a fear based choice? Do you set up a situation that you know in your gut is going to betray you because your mind just scared you? Notice just notice because every time your thought feeds you something, you do something with it. You take an action of some sort prompted by the mind, not the heart and we must learn to discern the difference.

3. Don't just rush past a delivery from the mind. Open the package and see if it contains something truthful and worthwhile or if it's a package of trash that needs to be tossed out.

4. Don't let your mind convince you that you need to be right or that you are right. Go for being happy over being right and stop the ability of your mind killing your happiness. You have nothing to prove, your mind just has you believing you do.

5. Consciously refuse to be defined by your mind. If you don't it will "seemingly" kill off your true identity and have you chasing after all things and all people external to find yourself.

6. Birth the Mind of Christ or the Mind of Buddha or The Mind of Great Spirit and your thoughts will emerge differently and in support of you, always.

Copyright Maureen Moss
Please feel comfortable to pass this on along with name and websites.

April 10, 2008

New and Exciting as well as Unusual Happenings

I have invited a handful of wonderful people to join The Dream Masters so be sure to check back often. The wonderful Tony Stubbs has just come on board and I couldn't be more thrilled!! Margarete Brandenburg has also come on board and her pages are up. She is a dear friend. I am very excited and honored these two Dream Masters are working with TDM.

The TDM Publishing Division is gearing up - more to come soon. Other news is on the TDM News! page.

I find that "time" seems to be speeding up. It seems the days and weeks roll by and before you know it another year is gone. Do you find this to be true for you as well?

More and more people are contacting me as the seen and unseen are crossing and unusual things are happening. My former mate recently had an interesting experience. A few days after the anniversary of my Mother's passing over, he was walking through our dining room towards the kitchen. He heard someone say in a very loud and clear voice, "Hi!"

He spun around, looked through the house, looked outside the windows to see if maybe the neighbors were one was around. He finally called me on my cell. I was 9 miles away. He was quite shook up. He said it sounded exactly like my voice. He thought I'd come back home and snuck up behind him.

Many people who knew my Mother will confirm that we had the same voice. People used to get us mixed up over the phone all the time. So, I simply said, "It was Mom. I've been feeling her around. I've been talking to and thinking of her since it was just the anniversary of her passing. So, she's around. Don't worry, she likes you." Well that didn't make him feel any better but I sure enjoyed it.

My Mother's old mirror, china cabinet and some other things are located in that room he was walking through. See the photo below that I took in our previous house. Her china cabinet is to the left out of frame.

Mother's Spirit Light
A very gifted psychic friend told me that my Mother's Spirit was in my dining room and wanted to be seen. She told me what to say and to start taking pictures. On April 17, 2006, after taking about 130 digital shots with my little Sony Cyber-shot, this Light materialized. I did not see anything with my eyes but the digital camera caught this remarkable image. When manipulated, you can see a field of swirling lights and my Mother's face is in the side of the microwave oven in the kitchen. I still get "thrill chills" when I look at this photo knowing how hard my Mother worked to be seen. This photo has also been posted on other websites that feature psychic photography, ghosts and angels.

So, just remember there are people here at TDM who can help you if something happens that freaks you out or if you just want someone to share your experiences with. The Dream Masters are here to help if and when we can. You are Love and are Loved.

February 19, 2008

The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot

This is one of the most important books ever written.

Strong statement? Read it and see for yourself.

It is a difficult read for a lot of people. The beginning has a lot of scientific and technical data that may be hard to follow or comprehend. If you can only read one sentence a day, then do what you can. But whatever you do, read the whole book. In it are many references to resources that will further the quest for evolving TRUTHS. You will never be the same after reading this book. Yeah, another big statement but it is what I believe because I know I am not the same thanks to this book.

I always recommend supporting your library and using their services. However, for this book, I say buy your own copy because you'll want to read it over and over and over again. I find myself opening it up regularly to a random section and I just can't put it down. I don't usually write in my books or dog-ear pages. This one has both with lots of bookmarkers in it.

Here is a link to an article written by Michael with a photo of him.

This wonderful Being also wrote some other great works. I especially recommend:

Michael Talbot died in 1992 from Leukemia at the age of 39. Gone too soon.

Just wondering what more this man could have contributed to our evolution...

February 9, 2008

I went to the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles today. It is always fascinating to go back to events year after year. I haven't gone in a couple of years. As I walked around looking at the booths and the attendees I was struck at how different I am since the last time I was there. I saw familiar faces that are still saying and doing the exact same things they were two years ago. I see some have gone and new ones have taken their place. I am so different that people that I've met over the years walk right by me and don't recognize me. Of course, I've undergone some serious transformations that I may write about at a later time.

I attended the 2012: The Great Convergence panel hosted by George Noory. It was great to hear what these six men had to say. I am particularly drawn to William Henry's work and David Wilcock's work. You can do an internet search on them to read more if you are so guided. I'm going to be writing more about both soon.

I'm very excited to be living again in this time when all of these interesting people are back and the history of mankind is in this revolutionary evolutionary period that was written about so long ago. We gave ourselves enough clues to try to help ourselves through this evolutionary quantum leap. Some will leap, some will fall as this cycle repeats itself as it has in the past. It is all about the cycles.

So as I cycled through this conference roaming up and down the aisles as I'd done in years past, I got the metaphor. I saw where I'd been, where I am and realized I have evolved. I also saw the potential of where I want to go. They are healers helping the sick. They are scientists, therapists, artists, film producers, media and more.

I think it is good to gather with like-minded people and brainstorm. Connect. That strengthens my resolve as well as energizes me when I see all these beautiful beings radiating Love. It may sound hoaky but I don't care. Words on a page just don't equal that interaction. Same goes for reading books by all these great authors. Go to a live event - a seminar or lecture or take a tour with them the next time they go somewhere you've always dreamed of going.

There are so many wonderful people out there who want to make a difference for the betterment of all mankind. They are striving to figure these mysteries out and share them with all who will listen. I am excited.

February 5, 2008

Wrong vs. Right...who can truly say? Guess it depends on "when" you ask!

The two small words "Right" and "Wrong" sure do push people's buttons! They ring of judgment. Does, "Judge not, lest ye be judged." ring any bells? I was raised a Southern Baptist and have studied all of the major and some minor religions. I love to engage in discussions about these topics but I do not debate them because I am no expert, what we know changes...and see some of my other quotes from the above-numbered list. Same goes with what is "right" and what is "wrong." Interesting how those definitions are constantly changing.

So many people are afraid to be judged. Afraid to be "wrong." Afraid to be "different" or to be laughed at or made fun of, being fired or have a mate leave them because they stand in their own power and truth. This fear keeps them locked, blocked, stunted and stuck with their mouths shut in misery sometimes for their entire lives.

I am so used to being wrong that it almost feels like a mistake when I'm right. And even when I'm right or correct, I still ponder and question. I guess when you say and do as much as I say and do, the odds are you are going to be wrong a lot - maybe many more times than you are right. I live for the quest so when something doesn't turn out like I expected, I get excited. I am curious to know when, what, where, why, who...and how can I learn and grow from this.

Look at Edison, Einstein and hundreds of others throughout history were called fools, crazy, insane, heretics and even worse. Many were put to death for "stepping out of line" against the establishment and status quo to speak up and be heard. Those who have pushed through their fears and failures and were "wrong" THOUSANDS of times have helped humanity evolve to what we are today.

What if their fears would have won? Where would we be? It is actually impossible to answer that question but fun to ponder it.

What is "right" today more than likely will not work in the future and vice versa. Same with being "wrong." If you look at history, the rules today are much different than even 50-60 years ago. In case you haven't noticed, we have a woman and an African-American male running for president of the United States. Would that have happened in 1908, 1958 or 1968?

So, just because something is unheard of or unproven or unorthodox today doesn't mean that will be the case in 5-10 years from today. That is already a well-established fact proved over and over daily.

Let's look at the list above: There is no failure, only feedback.

You do something and get feedback from the universe in the form of your mate, friends, boss, peers, computer, test results, etc. on if it is working or not, appropriate or not to what you are trying to accomplish. If you are on the right track, you move forward, pass the test, get a kiss from your mate or get that promotion. If not, you make adjustments and then put it out there again. The world as we know it is a constant feedback machine telling you whether you are on the right track or if there need to be some adjustments. As long as you stay in the game, there is no failure just an never-ending loop of feedback leading to creation. Could be the creation of a child, new invention, medicine, machine or artwork.

A very psychic and powerful Oracle, that I've known for many years now, once told me that I am to speak the Truth always. And she said a lot of other things but the gist is to continue to be fearless and do what I do and say what I say - consequences be damned. I try my best to do that and I don't worry or care what people think or if they'll "judge" me. Because again, referring to my #7 above, "It is none of my business what people think of me." I will say that I always try to operate from a place of LOVE and with the highest and best intentions for all. Ethics is a HUGE factor that is a topic for another time.

What if I based my words and deeds based on someone else's opinion and they have no knowledge of the topic or they are a complete idiot or have some sort of mental disability or are ethically misaligned with me? That would be very poor judgment on my part. Would you consult with a 4 year old on what's the best mortgage to get into or what kind of car to purchase? Would you put a poodle in your car and ask it to drive you to the market? Okay I'm being overly dramatic but I hope you are kinda getting what I am trying to say. There are appropriate resources to consult. But not everyone is on the same page and you will reach some people on a level that is so unconscious that it may be years before they understand or "get it". But, thanks to you taking the chance and speaking your truths, making your inventions, creating your art or whatever it is that you have to made a difference in their growth and evolution as well as your own.

Often friends and family ask what keeps me going and why I take the risks I do. They ask, "How can you say that when you could be wrong? What if you are wrong? Aren't you afraid they will laugh at you?" I say, "Well, laughter is the best medicine so if it makes them feel better, then something good came of it." (see #1 above) I also say, "How can I not say it and take the risk that I might be right?" If I'm wrong, so what! I'm really used to being wrong at this point. I don't take it personally any more. I'm also used to making adjustments constantly. (due to #4 above) The bigger question for me is what if I'm right and I help someone? THAT makes it all worth it. If it doesn't make some huge, earth-shattering, life-changing differences to all of mankind...I'm okay with that too because at least I feel better getting it off my chest and out of my head. I sleep better that way.

In the end...wrong...right...I think it is more important to be in the game and go with the flow since we are all evolving and changing in every second anyway whether we like it or not, whether we are aware of it or not.

Boy, I feel much better now that I got that out. If I helped, I'm glad. If I didn't and you don't agree don't send me angry emails because I never read those anyway. Make your own website and write what you want to...write a book, paint a work of art, go take a photo of a sunset or whatever thrills you. Know that you are loved and there is no failure only feedback. So just get in the game and enjoy! Thanks for reading.

February 3, 2008

Divine Inspiration?

Where do "great ideas" come from? How do people get inspired to create things? Where do the greatest works, writings, art, scientific ideas, etc. come from?

First let's look at the word, Divine:




Some Synonyms:

all-powerful, almighty, ambrosial, angelic, anointed, beatific, beautiful, blissful, celestial, consecrated, deific, deistic, eternal, exalted, excellent, glorious, godly, hallowed, heavenly, holy, immaculate, magnificent, marvelous, mystical, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, perfect, rapturous, religious, sacramental, sacred, sacrosanct, sanctified, spiritual, splendid, superhuman, superlative, supernatural, supreme, theistic, transcendent, transcendental, unearthly, wonder...

Why does someone get a great idea but doesn't act and then soon after they see "their" idea in the store or on television or in a movie? How'd that happen? So, obviously someone else had the exact same "great idea" but went ahead and took action and created it. I have had that happen so many times. I used to beat myself up for not being the one who got the patent on something. Then I discovered that numerous people have the exact same experience of seeing "their" idea manifest.

Did you ever see the movie "Michael" (1996) starring John Travolta playing the Archangel Michael who's come down to earth on a mission? In one scene they are sitting at a table talking and the topic of inventing things comes up. Michael says he invented "standing in line" and one fellow says he's the one who thought of tearing the hole in the coffee cup lid so you can sip the coffee through it. I love this movie and if you haven't seen it, you might want to check to see if it is on cable or rent it.

I've listed some of my favorite films on Recommended Resources & Links.

If you read about some of the greatest scientists, artists, philosophers, authors...etc. all the ones labeled "genius, great, etc...throughout history, you might see a surprising theme with all of them and their "great works." They usually credit imagination, visioning, divine intervention, God or other realms. Usually it will be another who has already died that specialized in their field (music, science, etc.) who are communicating with them from the "other side" to help them. If you would like a few examples to start with: Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Mozart, Michelangelo...oh yeah, and all the contributors to the Bible (all versions from Mormon to King James), the Koran and the Talmud. That should be enough to get you started.

I get a kick out of talking with people who make it a point to tell me their religion early in the conversation only to later state that they do not believe in life after death or communication with other realms/the dead/angels, etc. or divine intervention or even another person's religion. Yet, they strive to base their life based on the writings and teachings found in the [fill in the blank with the applicable religion or philosophy here - i.e. Bible, Talmud, Koran, etc.]. If the very source of their beliefs are the divinely inspired writings of people who had conscious interactions with other realms...yet they don't believe in that ya see the irony there?

Just wondering...

February 2, 2008

We are ONE.

The world wide web is a metaphor.

That’s such a biggie. Let's take a moment and let that sit a bit.

While you are letting that sink in a little, here's a question for you. (I'm not going to ask if you personally do this.) Have you ever gone to a restaurant and seen two people out together at a table near you and they BOTH are on their cell phone/blackberry/laptop? Sometimes they are sitting at the same table "texting" each other instead of talking! I love people watching and I went out to lunch yesterday and there was a group of 7 people - looked like work colleagues - they were all on their cell phones or blackberries for almost the entire lunch. They rarely looked at or spoke to each other. I'm surprised they didn't ask the waiter for his cell number so they could text their orders to him.

I’ve found that I correspond via email with thousands of people every year through my website. I’ll never meet most of you in person in this lifetime. We are all over the planet yet all connected - or have the potential to connect with each other - through the “world wide WEB”.

Hmmm...connected...Web...Aka cords...Akashic Records...Morphic Fields...the "Observer Effect"... sorry, was wondering out loud there.

We are all connected. Science is finally starting to be able to statistically prove what many have known and have written about for eons. We can and do communicate and connect with each other without the use of tools like hardware, software, technological machinery and gadgets like cell phones or the internet.

But if we did that…if we stopped using all these gadgets, then who would be losing control of and power over what we are accessing, communicating and becoming? If we connected in ways above and beyond "technology" then that would also take a lot of money out of a lot of pockets of a group of people that might not be too happy about our advancing beyond the need for their gadgets.

No more new and improved gadgets that are obsolete by the time they reach retail shelves so you have to upgrade and get a new one in six months or a year. New shiny gadgets are just a distraction tactic to keep us from looking at the bigger picture and really connecting with each other. We are continuously bombarded with new and improved gadgets that are faster, smaller, and shinier to keep us preoccupied with all the non-stop phone calls, blogging, transferring, uploading and downloading, gaming and whatever else these machines do.

Who benefits from a society full of people who don't connect and talk with each other? Who would want to dumb-down the population to the point they are inept at independent thinking, free speech and no gadgets? Who could/would want to sneak right in and do what they want and get away with it because everyone is too busy texting and staring intently into the mesmerizing glow of their new super cool, ultra small "[insert name of latest cool gadget here]"?

Just wondering...

February 1, 2008

There is strength in numbers.

“Where two or more are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20

Do you see where I'm going with this? If you don’t that’s okay because I’m going to expound on this in the days to come. Just stick with me.

What happens if we don't find better ways to work together to heal the diseases that are plaguing humanity, heal the planet, heal relations between all our brothers and sisters? What happens if the Mayan Calendar and all the other prophecies are correct that predict that "time" as we know it ends on December 21, 2012? What happens on December 22, 2012 and beyond?

There are so many of us out there searching, researching, investigating…working in solitude on our own towards the same goal of finding the "Greater Truths" about our history, humanity, life after death and various other important topics.

There are many ancient prophecies and messages for us that some people believe are from potential parallel universes and potential futures. Today there are many great minds - from scientists to shamans - that are scattered all over the world right now working on solving some of life's greatest mysteries. My favorite is topic of research is communicating with the “other side” and providing proof without a doubt that there is life after death of the body and what happens to the Soul. Working with those on the “other side” with regard to humanity's evolution, what's going to happen in December of 2012 and these four (4) short years leading up to it.

Seems to me if all of these great minds/Beings got together to combine their resources as well as do some good old fashioned “brainstorming” we'd advance and see more, better and faster results. It has already been proven that there is a measurable change in energy fields when two or more are gathered together. Even when people are not in the same physical location but connected through intention...non-locality...things happen that cannot be explained by even the greatest scientists of the day with all their mathematics, equipment and theory. (more on that later)

Miracles happen all the time for me...even when I'm not paying attention to them. Even greater miracles happen when we are gathered together with like minds in resonant harmony are working toward a greater future for all of us. There is strength in numbers. We are far more powerful than we can wrap our brains around. I like the saying, “Lose your mind and come to your senses.”

Change is in the air. Almost everyone I talk to says they “feel it” but don’t quite know what “it” is. I’m haunted day and night by this sense of urgency to do something but I don’t know exactly what to do. Things are unfolding that are making it clearer what my work is but I am far from clarity at this moment.

I have been hosting these gatherings of the greatest minds of our time since 1993. We keep it small but the time is coming to make this a grand gathering of international leaders. I hope you'll gather together with us at our next META-CON gathering. If you are interested, please send me a private email for more information as these are by invitation only at this time. Please continue to gather with all those like-minded others to make a positive difference in this historical period we are now living in. In 2008, I will be working with some colleagues to form a very special group at the next META-CON with the main purpose of building bridges between the seen and unseen worlds. We are already opening up the lines of communication between the Worlds and re-establishing contact with the Light, Ethereal Realms of Existence. More to come soon.

I know that I know. I am moving forward in that faith and knowing towards this new world unfolding and evolving. I am excited at the possibilities and just wondering if you are, too.

November 2007

A Note From Lisa: Libraries

I've listed books and resources on another page that I have personally read or know. I recommend and encourage you to read and to continue evolving. I strongly encourage you to join your local library and to utilize and support this wonderful resource. I also urge you to help your local school libraries.

It is GREEN. It saves you money as well as saves natural resources - materials used to print the books, advertise the books, gas from delivery of mail and materials, etc.

ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT. Many libraries may not have a lot of "metaphysical" or especially "divine" "evolutionary" updated materials. REQUEST THEM! The old adage is, "The squeaky wheel gets the oil." It is time to stop playing small and time to make things happen. By requesting these divine materials at your local library, they become readily available not only to you but also to the general public.

TRANSFORMATION. They also transform the library space - transforming the building and transforming all who enter it. Those of you who own original divine artworks know how your space and live has been transformed and uplifted by the mere presence of the art. If you don't own original art, go to a gallery and experience it. It will change your life. The written word is very powerful. The public libraries need to incorporate these materials as more and more people hunger for knowledge and transformation.

DONATE. Donate the books that you no longer want or need. If you've evolved beyond what is on your shelves, then pack them up and donate them to your library. You may be the very source for many others (including the library staff) to receive the messages, lessons and transformation they desire and need. In the giving you open yourself up to receive. Natural law hates a vacuum. ~ Lisa

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